Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Experiments on paper

Both of these are experiments in layering, to see if this technique will produce the effect that I want. While they are cool, they are not what I am looking for and I will have to try more papers and techniques.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Homework for First Class: Process

One of the most important parts of studying calligraphy in this format with Reggie is the homework. Lettering in class is great, but it can't stop there. The homework is really where the learning happens. It's where the letters are transformed from being individual characters that are part of an exercise to an actual work of art. It's where all the technical issues are hammered out: why isn't this gouache working?, what's wrong with this nib?, why won't my layout fit on this special paper that I have been saving for years?
The thrill for me has two parts -- imagining the piece, then engineering it. Usually I see the final piece im my mind, and this time was no different. I can see the whole thing -- the colors, the paper textures, the size and format, the lettering and the imagery. I have already selected the texts, and am now on the quest to find the papers that will fit into the vision. The challenge (besides actually lettering the thing!) is in making the time for all of it to happen.

Reggie's Blackletter Demonstrations