Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lettering on Vellum

These pages are from an unfinished project. The plan is to bind the book in time for the juried Chicago exhibit at the Newberry Library. The quote is from TS Eliot's poem, The Four Quartets. Media: vellum, gold leaf on instacoll, watercolors.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Last Class

Yesterday was the last meeting of the advanced yearlong class. Here are some photos of the book that we worked on in class, using color transparancies, color xeroxes and this quote: "The human heart is a theatre of longing." Everyone was challenged to create a layout using those words and the materials provided.

Dana's book:
LaVerne's book:
Michelle's book
Peggy's book
Ann's book
Ann's book
Dana's book

Here is the last of the homework that people brought in:

Ann -- gouache on vellum:

And here is the last of mine:

Michelangelo -- gesso transfer on arches watercolor paper, gilding with instacoll and lettering with various Speedball nibs and gouache and mica powders:

Acrylic on canvas:


smaller canvas with same poem

The canvas pieces include photo transfers done with inkjet transparancies. The text is from one of my own poems.